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Milliband humiliated in Lisbon

Today the papers are full of comments on Brown’s mishandling of the Lisbon signing and his humiliation of his Foreign Secretary, David Milliband.

Ben McIntyre of the Times:

But Milliband’s problem was that he came down on his own and didn’t actually have anyone to shake hands with. With the stage empty after he signed, the only person whose hand he could find to shake was the European attendant who carries all the books and paperwork. The chap looked utterly bemused.

Ian Traynor of the Guardian:

Last week, Brown exasperated other EU leaders by boycotting a summit with Africa. Yesterday, his attendance appeared half-hearted.

Andrew Gimson’s sketch in the Telegraph was headlined “Brown’s sulk exposes more than just Milliband”.

To highlight the naff, sleazy depths towards which Brown’s administration has fallen so quickly I thought it was timely to reproduce this photo of Milliband with the disgraced, convicted and disqualified Miranda Grell.

'Grell and David  Milliband

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