Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor and Standard at it again today

Mayor hits back at StandardThis morning the Mayor devoted the entire hour and a bit of his press conference to rebutting the Gilligan accusations in the Evening Standard. He was backed up by Herman Ouseley, Richard Taylor, father of Damilola Taylor and Rev Nims Obunge.

If you want to spend an hour of your life listening to the Mayor and his mates accusing the Standard and Andrew Gilligan of racism and the Mayor’s historical (mutual) antagonism with Lord Rothermere’s Associated Newspapers then tune in here.

The Standard was at it again today for the fifth edition in a row. Their front page story was essentially that, in spite of everything that the Mayor and his mates say, the LDA is in fact looking at some of its grants. In his column Andrew Gilligan asserts that for all his bluster the Mayor has not moved an inch towards actually responding to questions raised by Gilligan.

The so-called press conference included questions from such august organs as the Morning Star and New Nation (both extensively funded by the Mayor) and two directors of the 1990 Trust (BLINK), one of the bodies cited by Gilligan, Karen Chouhan and Koku Adomdza. Not sure why they are at a “press conference”. Both of these characters serve with Lee Jasper on the Mayor’s London Equalities Commission where the disgraced, convicted and disqualified ex-Labour councillor Miranda Grell often represented her boss Nicky Gavron, the Mayor’s deputy. Eroll Walters from the not particularly representative Black Londoner’s Forum is another member of this body.

Postscript: Nick Cohen in the Standard on 12th pretty much shared my analysis, see here.

2 replies on “Mayor and Standard at it again today”

Phil, you may not think that New Nation is an ‘august organ’ but many of the journalists working in the mainstream daily press who have picked up our exclusives probably think otherwise. It’s a newspaper aimed at African and Caribbean people, so I disregard your patronizing attitudes towards us. As a matter of fact New Nation, and other black publications, regularly attend the mayor’s press conference. If you only notice the Evening Standard or BBC London then I cannot comment on who you see or don’t see. And it’s untrue to say we are ‘extensively’ funded by the mayor in terms of the proportion of our income. It is certainly incorrect to imply that the odd advert here and there influences our editorial strategy – it does not. I suggest if you are going to make that assertion you apply it to the plethora of media outlets in receipt of GLA advertising. I suspect the Evening Standard gets more money from GLA ads than we do. I really do hope you check your facts before pumping out misinformation.


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