Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor plundering LDA funds again

This all sounds lovely but I'm not actually helping these kids get real jobs in the real worldThe London Development Agency say:

We are the Mayor’s agency responsible for driving London’s sustainable economic growth. It’s our job to ensure that London remains a global success story.

It is hard to reconcile this mission with the Mayor’s press release today that says he is going to suck £20 million out of the LDA and redeploy it to top up the government’s youth offer.

I don’t know why this cash isn’t being spent on helping disadvantaged young people to work in the City.

According to the Mayor’s press release:

Young People from Bassline Circus performed for the Mayor at City Hall today. Baseline Circus is one of Sound Connections members who have been working on the Youth Music Mentors programme. This project allows young people to become ‘Peer Mentors’ and support other young people to use music to engage them in positive activities and develop new skills.

This all sounds very worthy but it does not sound like it is going to convert our limited economic development budget into bankable benefits for our young people. It does sound like more electioneering from the Mayor. Yet again the Mayor is plundering the LDA for his pet projects.

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