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KenBuster could do for Congestion Charge


At the start of November I pointed out that penalty charges were the Congestion Charge’s Achilles’ heel. Figures taken from a question from LibDem AM Sally Hamwee showed that last year £95.0 million out of the CC’s total income of £252.4 million was derived from penalty charges. This figure is actually more than the total net profit raised from the scheme of £89.1 million. An entrepreneur called Matthew McClusky has come up with a gizmo he calls the KenBuster which will automatically pay the CC when a driver crosses the zone boundary.

Any Londoner knows that the CC scheme has been set up to ensure that people fall foul of it and have to pay fines. One slip and you get a fine. It would have been easy for TfL to set up up a direct debit arrangement that simply billed people when they entered the zone – after all TfL knows when that happens and knows who you are from your number plate. But no. They wanted to make it hard to use the Congestion Charge so you have to remember to pay. This device only costs £200 which is the same as two fines.

The CC is toast. Add this development to the Mayor’s dumb idea of letting small cars travel for free and soon the zone will be getting even more congested and losing money. Stay in India Livingstone, please.

3 replies on “KenBuster could do for Congestion Charge”

I have seen your write up re the Kenbuster and ordered one back at the end of November and still have not received one.
Has anyone actually received one of these devices? As I am now begining to believe this is a big hoax!!



I purchased one & it took 4 months to arrive. Then when it fianlly did I tested it & found that it charges you when you get NEAR the zone & not actually when you enter it. I drive past the zone every day & have to remove the inaccurate, faulty product from my dash (which really defeats the whole purpose) or it charges me incorrectly,…that really is fraudulent since they claim it is accurat to approx 5 feet,…utter rubbish!
Then I have been trying to contact them by e-mail, text message, phone, on-site form but they never reply. They are as bad as Westminster who just simply want your money!! I do not recomend this product to anyone! You might as well just pay the charge if you come near it & save yourself several hundred pounds on the unit!!!


I have had a Kenbuster for a number of years. The entire system is completely unreliable.
At least half of the time it doesn’t make payments when you have entered the CC zone.
Even when Kenbuster does attempt to make a payment on your behalf the process regularly fails to process. You then receive a SMS / email message to the effect that the payment has failed. However when you subsequently sign in to to make a payment you sometimes find that a payment has in fact been made on your behalf.
Customer service is completely non existent. There is no email and no telephone number to call. Emails via the web site go unanswered.
Save your money.


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