Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor loses the argument

The London Mayor has been trying his best to defend the lame duck Metropolitan police commissioner throughout November. In 14 days he has issued 11 press releases but all this verbiage has failed to win the argument.

  • Barnes must now provide basis of ‘malicious’ claims
  • Grieve and Davis attacks on police cynical attempt to obscure falling crime
  • Next Assembly meeting: Arbour and Barnes must withdraw false
  • Mayor welcomes MPA statement rejecting disciplinary action against Cressida Dick and Andy Hayman raised by the IPCC
  • Statement from the Mayor following publication of IPCC report
  • London Assembly members, Richard Barnes and Tony Arbour, must withdraw false statements over the Stockwell shooting
  • Mayor: Only al-Qaeda helped by Assembly vote
  • David Davis should stop undermining the Metropolitan Police in the fight against terrorism
  • Mayor – Politicians playing political games disregard damage to anti-terror police work
  • Mayor slams ‘irresponsible’ intervention by David Davis
  • Statement from the Mayor on the Stockwell health and safety trial of the MPS
  • Today the Mayor took his case to the Guardian where they allowed him, or one of his many PR types, to contribute to their Comment section. Now you might imagine he would be given the benefit of the doubt by their leftish readership. No. The Mayor got absolutely hosed. Here are some of their comments:

    The fact is that an innocent man was shot on a train in circumstances closer to Rio di Janeiro than London and the man at the helm has not held anybody responsible and refused to take any responsibility himself. If the Daily Mail is gunning for him (I don’t read it Ken) then they are doing the public a service.

    Mr. Blair impeded an independent investigation into what happened. In so doing, he demonstrated an extraordinary lack of accountability and an unwillingness to learn from mistakes. That’s why he should go.

    Mr Ian Blair may be a nice man, well-intentioned and even a good drinking and dining companion. This isn’t a personal attack on Mr Ian Blair. But if I were in charge of an organisation in which so much went wrong – and if the problems resulted in an unnecessary death – I would resign. It’s called taking responsibility. It’s a matter of honour.

    “The knives are out for Ian Blair”

    Good! That’s all I wanted to know. I hope he gets a few of them in the back (and the front come to that).

    The rest is waffle.

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