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Airedale hazard – opinions please

Airedale hazard

Back in August an employee of a local business raised the pedestrian crossing at the junction of Airedale Road and South Ealing Road with various councillors including me. I asked the transport planning people to look into it and they have just reported back after a site visit on 11th October. The picture above shows how obscured the pedestrain crossing can be as you drive north up South Ealing Road. This picture is a worst possible case as there is a van parked in front of the crossing. That said there is nothing to stop vans parking there.

One recommendation the transport people are likely to make is that the two parking bays in front of the crossing should be removed and the zig-zags extended. Although people won’t like losing the parking the crossing is well placed I think and well used so it best be safe. The photo makes it look like an open and shut case to me.

The greengrocer’s awning is another potential hazard but it is on their own property so it is hard to see what we could do about this.

Let me know what you think.

2 replies on “Airedale hazard – opinions please”

Extending the zig-zags is an excellent idea. Bearing in mind that the shops have an access road behind them, there should be no need for vans parking outside the shops. The problem is policing the zig-zags; our local police are not interested in this even though parking on the zig-zags is actually a criminal offence. I am afraid to say that policing indifference in South Ealing is likely to scupper any plans you might implement (expecially at night). Police cars breeze by vehicles parked on the zig-zags from South Ealing station crossing down to the crossing opposite the all-night shop opposite the Cherry Close sheltered housing. It isn’t much fun fining people parked on zig-zags–but it saves lives! Also, couldn’t it be possible to limit parking to cars only? The awning isn’t a problem: it would be nice if more shops made use of the space in front of them–Nicky’s Greengrocers adds some much-needed character to the otherwise increasingly drab aluminium fronts along the South Ealing Road. What is also worrying is that cars tend not to stop on the crossing: mainly due to the sheer ignorance of foreign drivers (quite a lot of them minicab drivers, I might add), and they tend to speed at night! How about reducing teh speed limit down to say, 25mph, and having speed bumps and/or speed cameras. If you polled the local residents (rather than the local businesses) you might find that people would like some more safety along the South Ealing Road!


As a pedestrian user of the crossing and also as a motorist who uses that stretch of stop and shop bays I feel the area is reasonably well laid out and the speed limit is sensible. I would like to suggest that the wardens are told to make sure the parked van or two are moved on promptly and within the allotted time and given no favours which they may have had as my hunch it/they they are locally based.
Perhaps a councillor and officers could visit that stretch of shops and warn the shopkeepers before any changes or more council tax is wasted.
It seems wrong to limit vans altogether because bona fide delivery drivers won`t realise and possibly be penalised when dropping in parcels etc. even if only there for a minute or two.
As usual there is a lack of uniforms and one also hopes that the local SNT police or PCSOs could occasionally do a little conspicous crossing duty whilst keeping an eye on the bank etc in a friendly manner to the benefit of the whole community?


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