Ex-Mayor Livingstone Policing

Papers calling for Blair to go


The Commissioner is a guileful political operator with powerful friends. But in clinging to office he displays neither a sense of honour nor any real concern for policing in the capital, which, under his discredited leadership, will be ill-prepared for the challenges ahead.


Almost his first act on the day of the shooting was to write to the home office and explain that he had “decided” that the IPCC would not be allowed to investigate. It emerged that he had no power to decide this and the IPCC work was soon underway. But its chairman, Nick Hardwick, stated yesterday that “much of the avoidable difficulty the Stockwell incident has caused the Metropolitan police arose from the delay in referral”, and he put the blame for this delay squarely on the shoulders of Sir Ian.

Daily Mail

Last week on our front page we called Sir Ian “a man without honour”. Yesterday, he proved it again.

If the Commissioner hasn’t the decency to resign by the time the Metropolitan Police Authority meets next Thursday, they must sack him.

Andrew Gilligan in the Evening Standard last night said:

If the Met had shown itself more willing to admit criticism over Stockwell, it might have found more Londoners willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

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