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Assembly asks Blair to go

The London Assembly made the headline story on the PM programme tonight by voting 15 to 8 on a motion which expressed “lack of confidence in the Commissioner’s stewardship” and urged him to resign.

The Mayor in his campaign to shore up Blair was typically dismissive of the assembly calling them “impotent”, calling the vote “pure posturing” and suggesting that the only people who would applaud the assembly was Al-Qaeda. See BBC coverage here.

In a pugnacious performance this morning the embattled Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, confirmed to the London Assembly that he would not be resigning and that the MPS would not be appealing the guilty verdict in the health and safety trial relating to the Stockwell shooting. He spent an hour and a half batting away questions from assembly members before the vote of no confidence, which is non-binding as it is the Metropolitan Police Authority not the assembly that is ultimately responsible for the Met.

You can see the whole four hour session here. The Met bit starts at about 50:00 minutes in. There is a rambling statement from Len Duvall, past Labour AM and current chairman of the MPA at about 52:55 which finally focuses in on the health and safety trial at 59:20. Blair makes a statement at 1:03:27 and answers questions from about 1:14:00 until 2:41:40. The session resumes at 2:52:20 with the political debate and voting.

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