Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor’s freeze melts

Two fibs here - travel cards not included and RPI not CPIThe Mayor has been in support Ian Blair mode for a week and this graphic only replaced last week’s picture of Sir Ian Blair on the headline spot on the Mayor’s website today.

Today’s press release jumps through all kind of hoops to make out how generous the Mayor is being with our money. He tries to make out that “the freeze” is bigger than it is. Most people use travelcards to get to work so the freeze only applies to a minority in any case.

What is more the index used to uprate travelcards is RPI which is typically much higher than CPI. In September CPI stood at 1.8% whereas RPI was at 3.9% – RPI is increasing more than twice as fast as CPI right now – see National Statistics website.

Back in August I showed how TfL has been runing a structural deficit of £1.6 billion for the last 4 years so there is no way that the Mayor can afford to be generous with fares. All he can do is make out he is being generous with fares.

The Evening Standard reckons that 7 out of 10 Tube passengers will miss out.

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