Ealing and Northfield

Ealing is winning the grime war

Councillor Millican and I were out on the streets on Saturday morning doing some canvassing. Not so much the who will you vote for stuff (which isn’t really necessary right now!) more just checking that residents are happy and trying to spot any issues sooner rather than later. On the whole people we talked on Woodstock Avenue seemed pretty happy with local services except for residents being bothered with noisy groups of kids on the corner with Midhurst Road where there is a convenience store. We told people we would raise it with the Safer Neighbourhood Team. Often people tell us that they have not noticed this change to policing in their area but we only had to walk around the corner to Claygate Road to bump into one of the PCSOs from this team on her bike. We mentioned the noisy kids issue – they are already talking to these kids.

If some residents haven’t noticed the extra police on the streets they sure have noticed that the streets are cleaner. It is all very well the council issuing press releases telling us that independent statistics, blah, blah, blah but when people give you the feedback directly it is very satisfying. Again on the Ealing Today Forum people agree that the council is delivering on this priority. Things should improve again as from 19th November as the next phase of improvement of Ealing’s street cleansing and rubbish and recycling collection gets underway, further information here.

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