Mayor’s crime porkies

Don't expect me to tell you everything - just read the headline stupidThe Mayor is using the opportunity presented by the half year to talk about crime statistics. He is trying to kid us they are going in the right direction. Yes, but ….

His six month snapshot is pretty useless because comparable figures going back are not available. It is probably safer to look at full years and to go back for a few.

Six months ago, at the end of the financial year, both the Mayor and the Met were talking about crime stats being down 6.3%, see previous posting. Again, they were but the whole story was not told. Here it is, follow link. This spreadsheet is a summary of Metropolitan Police information here.

The table enumerates recorded offences for the last eight years, remember the Mayor came to power in May 2000 just after the first set of figures here were produced. These figures are his legacy. Looking at the Grand Total the situation seems to be not too bad – about a million offences a year, 15% down on their 2002/3 peak. But, these numbers hide lots of detail. Take fraud and forgery. 105,150 cases before the Mayor, down to 42,957 cases last year. Crime fighting success? No. I had £1,000 skimmed off my bank account this April and it never made it into the crime statistics. All bank account and card related frauds have been effectively outsourced to the private sector. Theft of vehicles is down. Better policing or better car locks and immobilisers?

Real crime that hurts you and me remains stubbornly high. The murder rate is consistently above 150 per annum although thankfully down on its horrific total of 204 in 2003/4. That said we have lost 22 young people to gun and knife crime this year and no-one thinks that London is safe.

Violence against the person is up 16% under the Mayor.

Violence Against the Person

Sexual offences have risen and fallen again under the Mayor so last year the tally ended up 1% under the Mayor.

Sexual Offences

Robbery is up 26% under the Mayor.


The only “in your face” crime that is down under this Mayor is burglary and much of this can be attributed to increasing crime prevention measures taken by you and me rather than the Met nabbing villains.

The Mayor’s headline is a ludicrous simplification.

Find details on Whitney S. Boan, P.A. site.

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[…] Whilst we all welcome, certainly here in Northfield, the SNTs the Met had to cut a lot of corners to deliver the teams to a political timetable and beyond this rollout the list of the achievements of Blair/Livingstone are thin indeed. Recently Blair/Livingstone have been trying to talk up falls in crime numbers but have cynically failed to mention increases in in-your-face violent crime – the thing that worries people the most. See previous posting. […]


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