Ealing and Northfield

Bassam the munificent

Mafouz and BrownI had a good old laugh at Bassam Mahfouz’s latest piece of electioneering. If he thinks this will get him elected in Ealing Central and Acton then he had better think again.

Luckily for him scaredy cat Brown has chickened out of a general election so Mahfouz has got at least 18 months to try to do better.

It is amazing what you can achieve as an opposition councillor in Mahfouz’s fantasy political world.

According to Mahfouz “Labour pressure brings end to Tram plan”. He goes on to say “We made it clear to the Mayor that people in Ealing opposed his tram plan and I respect him for making the right decision for local residents”. No mention of Save Ealing’s Streets or the LibDems and Tories who actually stood in the 2006 local elections on an anti-tram platform unlike Mahfouz.

Apparently Mahfouz “is promoting more recycling and innovative ideas to make Ealing a greener place to live”. I wonder what he is talking about? The previous Labour adminstration had 12 years to sort out cardboard re-cycling. The Tories did it in months. Similarly they had 12 years to sort out plastics recycling. The Tories will bring this in on November the 19th. I could go on about us signing the Nottingham Declaration, etc, etc.

If Mahfouz is so keen to big up the Tories’ track record in Ealing maybe he should join us?

Mahfouz shows his desperation by repeating the Mayor’s lies about the Freedom Pass. He says: ‘Ealing Tory councillor Phil Taylor has called for the Freedom Pass to be “re-targetted away” from most pensioners to those who were “very old”‘. Mahfouz obviously knows nothing about pensioner poverty. Maybe he should get out and knock on a few doors. Here is what I actually said. The London Mayor has used this as source material for press releases three times so it is no surprise to see Mahfouz using it. London Labour seem to think that the Mayor’s fight with London Councils over the way TfL can just impose any price rises they like on councils will resonate with voters.

Mahfouz needs to check out Google as he has an eminently Googleable name. A critical piece from me is listed third after his Ealing council entries on UK searches.

4 replies on “Bassam the munificent”

He probably mentioned Inheritance Tax to Gordon Brown as well to inspire the less-than-imagined changes, but lets face it, Labour grandees have failed to convert the munificent to municipal!


The picture on the back of the leaflet attatched with papier mache Brown is hilarious. Bring back Spitting Image I say.


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