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Labour on the phone

On Tuesday we held the second Northfield ward forum, more on that later. In passing David Millican, one of our three councillors, told me he had been canvassed by Labour – by an automated telephone call. The same thing happened to me last night. The call went along the lines of “If you are going to vote Labour press 1, if you are going to …”.

I hate anyone calling me, especially in the evening, unless they are a real person I want to talk to. Automated calls just make me foam with anger. Machines don’t have lives they just just waste ours!

No doubt Brown is trying to work out whether to go to the country. I wouldn’t trust the result from automated canvassing.

3 replies on “Labour on the phone”

You’re quite right – there’s nothing more annoying than unsolicited phone calls at home, particularly from robots representing political parties. Can they be reported to Oftel?

Also, please could you provide details of when and where the next Northfield ward forum will take place as I was not aware that such a forum existed.





Up to now we have only opened up this forum to reps from residents’ associations and churches.

It is likely that in future we will open this up to all residents – although we could only cope with a small number actually turning up!

Attendees are expecting a meeting on a quarterly basis.



Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately my street (Darwin Road) isn’t currently covered by a residents association, but I’m thinking of helping to set one up if I can get other residents involved.


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