Mayor Johnson

Boris is selected by 79%

Back BorisA few minutes ago the ConservativeHome website reported that the results of the Conservative primary to select a candidate to be London Mayor are as follows:

Boris Johnson: 15,661 (79.0%)
Victoria Borwick: 1,869 (9.4%)
Andrew Boff: 1,674 (8.4%)
Warwick Lightfoot: 609 (3.1%)

20,000 people took the trouble to vote. I hope that most of those will join the Conservative party in working to remove King Newt and replace him with Boris.

We know that the Labour party are worried about this development from the amount of flak that Johnson got at the Labour conference yesterday. Ed Balls, he of the dodgy housing expenses claim, called Johnson “a gaffe-prone, TV quiz-show clown – a Bullingdon club throwback to a bygone age”. Apparently although Balls and his wife Yvette Cooper earn about £240K a year they still bend the rules to claim £27K per year to pay their London mortgage by claiming that their Stoke Newington home, where their kids go to school, is in fact their second home. Let’s see, you work in London, your wife works in London, your kids go to school in London but your main home is in Yorkshire. Talk about hand in the till.

The BACKBORIS site is carrying this message from Bozza:

I’d like to thank Londoners for giving me this opportunity.

As I visited all of London’s 32 boroughs in the last few weeks, the message is loud and clear – King Newt’s days are numbered. Across London I’ve met people fed up with paying so much to city hall and getting so little in return.

The job of the Mayor is simple – to get people to work on time, to ensure people feel safe on the streets, to help people find a place to call home, to celebrate our diversity and to champion our success.

My determination to lead this city is stronger than ever. After seeing both the good and bad that London has to offer, I am committed to making London greater and standing up for every Londoner that invests so heavily in our city.

I want to be a Mayor for all Londoners, from Zone 6 to Zone 1. A Mayor that will listen, will learn and will lead.

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