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Buses again


The London Mayor is now using the front page of the Londoner for the third time to highlight his bus fare cuts. As I have pointed out before, see previous posting, this cut cannot be justified by the Mayor in any rational business terms. It is an election bribe fair and square. He is not shy obviously to use his £3 million a year not-so-freesheet to make sure you know BUS FARES HAVE BEEN CUT BY 10%.

On the one hand I am shocked by the Mayor’s use of public funds to get himself re-elected. On the other hand it is so grotesque you have to wonder if it will not be counter-productive.

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Interestingly we don’t seem to receive The Londoner anymore. Seeing the cover of the October issue on 23 September is also a bit bizarre.

I did actually meet a supporter of Mayor Livingstone on Saturday and he cited Hugo Chavez as a validation of the Livingstone approach. I find it difficult to figure out the morality of Livingstone or Brown in my own country – so working out these things in South America is an impossibility.

By nay rational assessment L


Whoops, system crash – by any rational assessment Livingstone is getting away with stuff that he shouldn’t get away with. So the question is how can he be stopped? And the answwer will not be Johnson.



I haven’t received a copy of the Londoner recently. It does not surprise me that the Mayor can still spend £3 million on this and the delivery is patchy. I guess none of us want the thing enough to complain.



I used to be really down on Around Ealing – see previous posting. Back in February 2006 I questioned whether Around Ealing could get enough advertising revenue to offset its production costs. It seems it can.

According to figures given to the cabinet (follow link for paper) in February of this year Around Ealing is pulling in over £200K per annum in ad revenue and thus largely paying for itself.

I might forgive Livingstone for bragging about his fare cut once, even though he did not do the same with last year’s rises. Remember the off peak fare will still be more expensive. Doing it three times really is taking the Mickey.



[…] As we know the Mayor has shouted from the front page headline of the Londoner about this three times in three successive months. It is good to see that this blatant piece of electioneering is being done on their own time. If Hendy and Livingstone want to give up their Sunday to get the Mayor re-lected fine. I hope that no-one in the Mayor’s press office picked up any overtime either. […]


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