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Ealing Broadway camera fines to be discussed Monday night

Townhall.jpgOne of the most commented on postings on this blog was Ealing Broadway station parking problems. This is issue will be discussed tomorrow at the Ealing Area Committee (7pm at the Town Hall). See paper here.

I suspect that the parking officers will get a hard time tomorrow. They issued 6,369 PCNs in a short period in one location. Although they took steps to give people a chance to change their behaviour, the area was signed and they spent a week issuing dummy fines, it does look like a bit of a mini-industry.

This issue started at the Ealing Area Committee – on 12th September last year an excellent bus driver called Alvarez complained that it was hard to do his job, especially around the station and Haven Green, because the council was not enforcing what are called moving traffic violations. We are now and people don’t like it. At the meeting Alvarez had the support of all councillors and the public.

The resolution made by the committee was:

Resolved: (i) That the concerns of local residents and Members of the Committee regarding illegal parking in the borough, be noted;

(ii) That the Executive Director of Customer Services be requested to investigate the current level of enforcement being undertaken by the Council in response to illegal parking in Haven Green, and report back to the next meeting of the Committee.

It seems that officers have taken this as carte blanche to go off and enforce without coming back to the committee to tell us what they proposed. They will find out tomorrow what the councillors think!

One reply on “Ealing Broadway camera fines to be discussed Monday night”

Mr.Alvarez would have found the going considerably harder at both the Ealing Area Committee and the Scrutiny Meeting, as there was severe criticism of Ealing Council by residents concerning the poor drop-off facilities at their main transport interchange hub.
The situation was largely inherited from an incompetant Labour “eliminate the motorist” and “accomodate Tfl at all costs” council but the closure of the inadequate slip-road and installation of a revenue raising camera was the final straw.
One is left thinking, in a week when two E buses crashed into one another, whether Alvarez & Co. would be better off concentrating on their driving duties!


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