Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Bow Group skewer the Mayor

Bow GroupToday the Bow Group, a Tory think tank, publishes its report “London Under Livingstone, An evaluation of Labour’s Mayor”. It is an excellent analysis of the reality of living in Livingstone’s London. Although the Mayor’s £100 million a year hype machine might have persuaded you that Livingstone is on your side this paper systematically demolishes that idea. Please have a read. I will be looking at it in detail myself this weekend.

3 replies on “Bow Group skewer the Mayor”

By continually increasing council tax through wasteful expenditure he is not only not on the side of real Londoners, but against us!


Livingstone’s lies finally being brought out into the open, at last! I notice they have issued a counter press release from Ken’s press office. Despite the fact they claim that all the Bow Groups figures are wrong, I think it’s same old, same old with them, just a load of spin and the same old tricks to make the figures work for the Mayor. i know who I believe!


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