Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Same old crap TfL

Blame the MayorI had expected the Tube to be horrid this morning as today is the day we are all back to work after the holidays.

I have misplaced my Oyster card so it cost £7.80 to get into town and back. The Piccadilly line train at 8:25 am was packed full. I had an appointment to make so I pushed on and spent the trip to South Ken with my neck bent so that I could squeeze in by the door. At South Ken the Circle line was down so I had to wait for ten minutes for the next District line train. No drama but just a typical, expensive journey. One hour and ten minutes later and I arrive at County Hall only 10 miles from my home.

Bob Crow ex TfL Board MemberThank heavens that I am not travelling tomorrow when RMT is calling out its Metronet members for three days. According to the Telegraph the hideous Bob Crow is looking for “copper-bottomed guarantees” that their members will not be affected by the collapse. The RMT is treatening 3 days this week and another 3 days next week. Instead of getting the country back to work after a break these socialist throwbacks are trying to ruin us all.

If you do have travel problems over the next few days there is only one person to blame. Ken Livingstone. He is the self-selected chairman of the board of TfL. He even managed to have Crow as a board member of TfL from 1st June 2002 to 31st July 2004. The Mayor’s bleating press releases of last Thursday, Friday and today and TfL’s of today don’t really amount to much.

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