Ealing envirocrime

Creighton Road mess

Creighton Road 21st August 2007

This picture was taken in Creighton Road yesterday by our excellent Envirocrime Prevention Area Manager, David Stokes, after I had complained to him about the mess. Notice that the street is otherwise clean.

He has had to chase up the council’s contractors to clean up after themselves – it is great that they have trimmed all of the suckers growing out of the side of the street trees. It is not so great that they have failed to clean up after themselves.

Like my Mum says: “You do one job and make half a dozen others”.

5 replies on “Creighton Road mess”

Its Wednesday 26 September and Creighton Road is no longer “otherwise clean”–the dustmen have been earlier in the week and as usual they have left some trash behind….




I am sorry to hear that the dustmen have made a mess.

Can I ask you to call the council’s customer service section on 020 8825 6000. They will clean it up today if you call early enough.

If you call whenever there is a problem the team that do your road will be given a good talking to when the system recognises that there is a pattern of poor service.

If we all report these things when they happen then the system should be able to sort itself out.

If we just mutter and do nothing then the system will assume that everything is fine!


My aged aunt has just called me from her “pad” in Creighton Road to tell me that the offending rubbish has gone. Now there is just a stack of old roofing tiles on the pavement outside Number 45.




It is hard to stop fly-tipping. The council does regularly stop white vans and the suchlike in order to ensure that they have the proper paperwork and are not carrying material that they intend to dump – this is an area where we work closely with the police espcially the Safer Neighbourhood teams.

If your aged aunt calls customer services on 020 8825 6000 it will get taken away pretty quickly.


Mr. Taylor, i am extremely interested in how you have come to the absurd assumption that white van drivers are responsible for th despicable practice of fly tipping, as i have myself on a number of occasions witnessed local residents dumping rubbish in the alley way behind the parade of shops on South Ealing Road and Creighton Road. i hasten to add that none of these fly tipping locals were in white vans. Open and shut case!!!


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