Public sector waste

Labour don’t understand money

Last week’s quotes from Labour’s ignorant Treasury team in response to the Tories’ competitiveness proposals (the Wolfson report) were put into context for me this morning by this report in the Sunday Telegraph.

Last week chancellor Alistair Darling was talking about Redwood’s proposals and describing them as “taking £21 billion out of the economy”. This statement is pure economic nonsense. In theory the Wolfson proposals might take money out of the public sector and put it into the private sector. Many would argue that this would improve the economy by redirecting resources to the productive sector way from the state. Whatever your views about this it is clear that Darling is a nincompoop. His Chief Secretary to the Treasury is equally dumb saying: “This confirms the Tories have lurched to the right. In order to shore up his weakened position, David Cameron has been forced to cave in to the right wing of his party”.

Today the Telegraph tells us that the Quango state is costing us £170 billion a year, or five times the defence budget.

You don’t have to be some kind of wild-eyed slash and burn merchant to work out you could fund the Tories’ proposals out of some good housekeeping in the Quangos. These are the people that are spending £338 million per annum through the COI, keeping nice West End offices and generally acting like our money is theirs to spend on any baubles that take their fancy. No wonder more and more people go play at

One reply on “Labour don’t understand money”

We already know they don`t understand money in the Borough of Ealing following three Labour councils! Self marking cleaning contracts in which the streets were ticked instead of cleaned. Poor financial initiatives such as the PFI lighting contract which will cost the the council-tax payer many millions over twenty years, in which many lampposts are being replaced far too early, and would even have swept away our treasured Edwardian lampposts which a change to Conservative has saved in a moratorium. Becoming junior partners with TFL for the wildly extravagant and damaging “Tram” scheme against the wishes of many local people, and although now shelved, has cost £38 million in wasted planning and publicity alone.
Another feature is the way they preach diversity but after much studying of navel buttons and high expenditure you end up with something utilitarian and lacking culture!


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