Ealing and Northfield

New library looks great


I popped into the new Northfields library yesterday. I am afraid my purpose was not to pursue learning but to get hold of some pink sacks. It gave me the chance to check out the new library. It is fabulous.

It seems to be very well designed and the staff I talked to were pleased with it too. It was also busy which must be a good sign. I know there have been some complaints about book storage being sacrificed for modern gizmos like coffee machines and internet access but I have to congratulate the Library Service. They seem to have got the judgement right here.

I was pleased to see that there is now a toilet available for use by the public. The staff member I talked to seemed ambivalent about people using it but it is wonderful to have a public toilet in the area. Hurrah! Sometimes staff let themselves down with their “everything would work fine if it wasn’t for customers” attitude.

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