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Parking Services councillors to be mystery shoppers

Parking Services Specialist Scrutiny PanelToday the council has issued a press release giving details of some of the work that will be done in advance of the next meeting of the Parking Services Specialist Scrutiny Panel.

In order to get some insight as to how Parking Services treats its “customers” councillors will be getting their cars towed, riding along with parking attendants and applying for visitors vouchers, to name a few.

It will be interesting to see to what extent local media will pick this story up – they are quick to criticise in this area, often rightly. Hopefully they will be equally interested in the council trying to scrutinise its own service.

The first meeting of this panel was held on 5th July. At this meeting we did not do much more than agree our terms of reference and work programme. We also had an introductory presentation from the service head, Philip Burns. The only member of the public to attend was Eric Leach from West Ealing Neighbours (you can read his report of the meeting here).

The second meeting will focus on customers’ experience of Parking Services. The mystery shopper work will make sure that the councillors leading the workshops have hands on experience. The sessions will also involve council officers and give members of the public the chance to share their experiences. If you are interested in attending then please get in touch with Chris Cheyne at or on (020) 8825 6568. A maximum of 100 people will be admitted to the meeting. The meeting will take place a 7pm in the Queen’s Hall on 11th September.

For the third meeting on 15th November we will focus exclusively on the finances of Parking Services and try to address the often raised issue that Parking Services is just there to squeeze money out of drivers. No doubt the agenda for the subsequent meetings will be driven by whatever feedback we get from the public at the earlier meetings.

Anyway if you are interested in this topic here are the dates:

  • Tuesday 11th September 2007
  • Thursday 15th November 2007
  • Thursday 10th January 2008
  • Wednesday 5th March 2008

All the meetings take place at 7pm at the Town Hall.

Please note that at these meetings we will be raising and discussing general problems and principles, not the specifics of any particular penalty charge notice.

3 replies on “Parking Services councillors to be mystery shoppers”

Looking on the bright side, if you achieve an attendance of one hundred after the previous total of Eric, you will need to book Wembley for the final meeting! This would be an amazing achievement, even with the help of “Parking Dervishes” installing antagonistic cameras at Ealing Broadway station drop-off point, and would surely lead to head-hunting by top seat-fillers British Airways & Ryanair!


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