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Beales to close

Ealing Broadway
Beales, the only department store in Ealing, is to close in October, Sunday 28th to be precise. See Beales’ statement.

At first sight this appears to be a blow for Ealing town centre. The good news is that Beales is one of the largest sites in the town centre and should be filled pretty quickly. That raises the question what with?

Beales is the kind of store I go to once or twice a year so I can quite see how they cannot stay in business.

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What about a Primark? They are always full and tend to regenerate areas where they have arrived. I find it too far to go to Kingston or Hounslow myself…


Primark!!!!???? Please no no no!!!

I see we’ve already acquired a pound shop in the Broadway – hopefully it’s got a short lease.

Why on earth would anyone who lives here want to fill Ealing with shops selling cheap tat!


I am horrified that Beales is closing. I buy clothes there & electrical goods on occasion. What is happening to Ealing that any store that sells decent goods cannot stay in business ( I refer to the Pie 2 & 3 clothing stores). The town centre seems to be in terminal decline.


I am saddened to see Beales close down, we have a lack of decent stores in Ealing especially departments stores apart from Marks and Spencers I cannot think of any other well known store in the area.
What Ealing needs is a John Lewis or Debenhams where local people can
buy decent things instead of all the tack that is on show in the highstreet.


I quite agree that Primark would be a bad option – Ealing will desperately miss Beales, a department store is never valued until it’s gone! Ealing as a shopping area has been constantly downgraded over the years and looks set to continue down the same route for years to come.
I’m not sure how Primark regenerate anything but their own profits


I think this is a case of regenerate or die for Ealing town centre. The future regeneration plans for Dicken’s Yard and Arcadia Centre are needed but are some way off in the future. Meanwhile Ealing centre slips further into decline.

It would help if some shop fronts had a lick of paint and cleaned thier windows. There are too many empty shops that have been empty for too long ….why?

A lot of the shops do not reflect the immediate affulent area and the perception is that Ealing is ‘downtrodden’ or becoming that way.

I realise the Beales site is not big enough for a John Lewis but a quality department store would help breath new life into Ealing.


Department stores cannot cut it in an age of Argos, supermarket electricals, cheaper internet alternatives etc – hence the closure of Beales, of JS Sanders, Rowses, any other department stores in Ealing in the last 20 years you care to mention. It is a sad but true fact. Kingston-upon-Thames with a higher average GDP than Ealing has survived Primark. Ealing will have to learn to do so as well if reports in the Ealing Times that they will be taking over the lease are correct.
The main gripe about these chains though (including Next according to Sunday Times) is their use of child labour.


Primark’s business model although stable in the early days is now riding the wave of ‘fashion’ over which it has no control. It has saturated the market with it’s vaule for money fashion icon status which will not last.

A department store can ‘cut it’ (note John Lewis’s recent profit results) and is needed to attract other quality businesses into Ealing.

I am not opposed to a Primark per se but I can not see it making a profound difference to the shopping experience or increasing Ealing’s profile.


i agree Tom, what a bunch of snobs..whats wrong with Primark???? have you been on another planet 4 the last 5years. In case you havent noticed, there has been a big boom, Primark in massive. You can get your essentials, key fashion clothes and much more..

I have been waiting 4 a primark 2 open closer 2 me 4 ages..
Beales on the other hand, isnt that just a Debenhams knock off??? please people you can get the same stuff anywhere, they sell electricals, well so does argos.guess you’l be shopping there a bit more!!!!

when primark opens, get off your butt and check it out, guarantee it you’ll be hooked then you’ll feel embarrased!!!!!!!!


I really miss beales, i want it to re open again in ealingbroadway centre, it was a very nice store and its quality was good! I dont like primark>>>>>>


Primark opening is not the end of the world…. let alone Ealing shopping Centre! Yes there is a high number of empty units… maybe the rates should be reduced slightly to increase interest in the sites!
However there are still a number of lovely boutique shops in Ealing – including two very longstanding ones – namely “Rumbles” on Oak Road and “Stuff” on the Green. I suggest you check these out before you sound the death tll on Ealing’s shops!


I agree with tom to, why are you being a bunch of snobs! if a primark does open here then you dont have to go in it!

I live in a lovely house and earn a bit but I still shop at primark for my essentials, doesn’t bother me one bit or my friends, if it bothers you that much, move…..move to Chelsea!


Why are people getting so het up about Primark coming? Shouldn’t they be more concerned about ALL the Arcadia stores going soon (Burtons, Dorothy Perkins,Wallis, Evans.. with Miss Selfridge already departed) What are going to replace THEM ??


As usual some people are missing the point. Read the email correctly and you will see I do not mind a Primark in Ealing. It just ain’t going to turn the fortunes of the Broadway centre around.

If you have Primark as your anchor store then you are setting you sights low and will not be attracting ‘quality’ names into the Broadway centre or indeed Ealing. What Ealing needs right now is upmarket, quality names to survive.

The reason why ‘high street’ names are pulling out is two fold, high rents and no viable future.

The pound shops and tacky stores that are opening are attracting like minded people into Ealing. If you want to bring an area into decline, this is how you do it. People with disposable income will shop elsewhere. Simple.

If being a snob means having standards then I’m a snob!


I asked the manager of Burtons why they were closing & was told it’s the high rates. The owners of the shopping centre or the council are pricing decent stores out. Only fast turnover stores can survive.


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