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How many comms people in the MoD?

MoD LogoThe Sunday Telegraph is running a piece today on how the MoD employs over 1,000 people in communications jobs. Not battlefield communications just the every day telling of stories to the public so that they think the state is great. The MoD has no competitors so it is not as if they need to compete with other defence suppliers for our business.

I know defence is a high risk business and things sometimes go wrong but we don’t need 1,000 people here. We need naval personal who are a bit tougher and don’t wibble so much. We need helicopters to get injured soldiers to field hospitals. We need fast defence procurement of kit that works. We need to sack about 900 comms people.

The Telegraph reckons that they are paid £39K each so the overall bill is £39 million. I don’t suppose they are all that well paid but by the time you add in pensions, office costs, media costs, etc you are talking about a £50 million bill. Although this is only about a half of what our maniac London Mayor spends it is too big a part of defence spending.

It looks like this spending has grown like topsy as all the disparate parts of the MoD compete with each other to look good and pull in funds. The Sunday Telegraph has jumped on this story but the document they quote from gives us some hope that there is a new head of the comms service in the MoD who is trying to get a grip on this. We’ll see.

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