Mayor Johnson

Boris for London

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson has just proved his immense pulling power by being the leading item on today’s World at One. Go Boris.

BBC online coverage here.

Boris says:

I am happy to confirm that I have today put my name forward to be the Conservative Candidate for London Mayor.

I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received from so many people across London. I intend to remain an MP and will continue to represent the people of Henley, as I have done since 2001. I have, however, resigned from the frontbench as Shadow Minister for Higher Education with immediate effect.

London is an outstandingly varied and beautiful place and it deserves a proper debate. I want to bring fresh ideas to the Capital and offer a new direction for Londoners. I believe that the Mayor of London should keep things simple and direct his or her intellectual energy at the core problems that affect people’s everyday lives. I look forward to announcing my detailed proposals later in the summer, should I be fortunate enough to be shortlisted by the Conservative Party.

Even the greatest cities have further greatness in them. I will stand for a greater London and for putting the smile back on London’s face.

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