Ealing envirocrime

Socialist Workers Party messing up South Ealing Road

SWP making a mess
This afternoon I saw two students fly-posting in broad daylight on South Ealing Road, just south of the Tube station. They were pretty green. Maybe they aren’t big enough to go at night on their own yet. I asked them to go and do it somewhere else. Being smart arses they reckoned that using parcel tape to stick them up was not flyposting. I ripped two down and asked them to move along. They carried on and I called our ever-ready envirocrime prevention officer, Ricky Wright. He was in Northfield Avenue with two of the Walpole Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Meanwhile I followed our two daytime fly-posters up South Ealing Road ripping down another six of their posters as I went. Outside TVU I engaged them in conversation to keep them there whilst Ricky & co caught up. The two students, Simon Byrne and John Cooper, both go to some college in Lambeth. They were perfectly earnest and pleasant but did not seem to mind making a mess of our neighbourhood.

The police took their posters and tape off them and verified their identities. Ricky will be writing to give them Fixed Penalty Notices of £80.00 under Section 43 Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 for flyposting.

Bizarely you can buy tickets for the SWP’s “Festival of Resistance” online but they still want to use fly-posting to promote their event. The cynical lefties that sent these idiots out had printed the words “Not to be flyposted” at the bottom of the posters to give themselves plausible deniability. I hope the SWP pay their fines for them. People like Tony Benn, Billy Bragg, Mark Thomas and Tom Stoppard obviously don’t care if the event they are attending uses naive young people to mess up the streets. These are the same idiots that shout into loudhailers in the West End and around Parliament to make their tiny number of supporters seem bigger than they really are.

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Well done Phil – I’m impressed you are so active on the streets. Can we expect you to be equally active in pursuing those fly posters advertising Raves, what my age group calls ‘pop concerts’, furniture sales, residents’ group meetings, lost cats, car boot sales etc? Or is it just the SWP posters you object to?

In the Draytons are lots of signs advertising a Dispersal Order which expired months ago. Should someone be pursuing the Police for ‘illegally’ advertising an expired Dispersal Order, which probably qualifies now as ‘fly posting’?



Just click the Ealing envirocrime link on the right.

We all need to be active if we are going to have the environment we want. Why don’t you take down the signs in the Draytons and write to whoever put them up asking them to manage this activity better? Not my manor mate.


Whereas giant billboards advertising junk food (may put life expectancy into reverse), cars (killing the planet and giving children asthma) and supermarkets (destroying small shops and small farmers) are just fine for your community. Maybe you should take your head out of your backside and look around….



At least the evil advertisers you cite are paying their way. SWP were just making a mess.

Try not to be rude it undermines your argument, which was pretty weak anyway.


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