Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Damian Hockney agrees

Damian Hockney reckons that I have got it right with my posting about the Fire Authority. Today he writes:

On the subject of LFEPA, we picked up your comment and you are of course 100% correct. Indeed, I made almost the same coment to the Standard in its first edition today. And the issue of the ‘Londoner’ is a key to understanding where control does (or does not) lie in the authority.

But of course after the “reforms” in the Review of Powers Bill, the Mayor will find it a lot easier to have complete control (“powers of direction” and two extra appointees laughably called independents). I think that both Darren Johnson and Peter Hulme-Cross will refuse to accept the current situation (and their places on the Authority) until this is resolved and until the parties are allowed to nominate who they see fit. But of course the Mayor has just asked the parties to think again (not actually blocked the nominations)…which I guess might allow him to climb down this evening – but in spite of our own legal advice which says that the Mayor is acting outside his authority, there do exist avenues for him to behave like this and while one law says he can’t do something, another set of rules and precedents in the Act appear to say “well it ain’t that simple”.

That 99 Act was a mess…to be made much worse by this Bill going through.
Anyway, thought your comment was spot on.

Damian Hockney, Leader, One London Party, London Assembly, City Hall, London SE1 2AA

2 replies on “Damian Hockney agrees”

Phil, phil are you sure you want to post this? surely your masters in the members room will be a bit upset in you cosying to the ukip/veritas/one london party chaps!!!!!!!!!!!!



I thought that after you got chucked off the Ealing W5 Forum for using the C word earlier this month you might have learnt a lesson but you still want to use local forums and blogs to make snotty little comments rather than engaging in any kind of debate that gives people an insight into what you actually think or represent.

Grow up.



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