Ealing and Northfield

Brian Castle has died

Brian CastleRecently (see previous posting) Brian Castle came to West Ealing to talk to West Ealing Neighbours about regeneration. It is a shock therefore to learn that he died of a heart attack on Sunday at only 51. Brian was the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development and a ward councillor in Cleveland.

I had not had the chance to get to know Brian that well but he always came across as being intelligent and capable and the kind of person you would be glad to have on your side.

3 replies on “Brian Castle has died”

During his introductory talk at West Ealing Neighbours Brian Castle, from a longstanding Hanwell family, stressed the importance of creating local opportunities for his and our children and grandchildren. His local knowledge, family and community values will be missed because its a difficult task to encourage suitable economic development whilst resisting worrying over-development.


big shock and terrible loss to his wife jane and their three young children. brian had a great deal of potential and experience which sadly will go unfulfilled.


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