High tax, low pay

Myners is wrong man for Low Pay Commission

Paul Myners is one of NuLabour’s great and good. He is chairman of the Low Pay Commission and chairman of Guardian Media Group. Today the Times is telling us who has chipped in to Gordon Brown’s Labour leadership warchest, £133,000 in total apparently. Myners came up with £9,700 of his own cash.

At the Low Pay Commission Myners presides over a body which year after year produces a report analysing the efficacy of the minimum wage and setting the level for the next year. Year after year this report fails to comment on fiscal drag, the phenomenon whereby the Chancellor raises personal allowances well below the rate at which wages increase. By this mechanism the Chancellor collects more and more money each year from the low paid as the minimum wage increases faster than allowances.

With this donation Myners has proved himself incapable of being an independent voice for the low paid.

One reply on “Myners is wrong man for Low Pay Commission”

I remember when I was earning just above min wages about 4 years ago. Every tax year came round and I found my tax payment had increased slightly.

The only way my wages have increased is by working more hours and gearing up the career ladder.


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