Ealing and Northfield

West Ealing Neighbours have a good night

West Ealing NeighboursTonight West Ealing Neighbours, a relatively new residents’ association that covers the West Ealing area, held a very well organised public meeting to discuss the future of West Ealing. Chairman David Highton introduced the session and then it was over Cllr Brian Castle, cabinet member for Regeneration & Economic Development, and Brendon Walsh, Director of Regeneration and Community Development, to tell us about what the council was doing to to regenerate West Ealing and the Green Man Estate. About 100 people turned up at Dean Hall to see what was going on.

The public raised a range of questions. Parking was an issue. A few people asked about cultural outlets. Green Man people wanted to be consulted ASAP. Some people were fed up with street trading.

It was striking that 8 of the Tory councillors turned up. Brian Castle had to be there as he was talking but Ann Chapman (Walpole), Colm Costello (Hobbayne), John Cowing (Walpole), Joanna Dabrowska (Ealing Common), Ian Gibb (Cleveland), David Millican (Northfield), Ian Potts (Ealing Broadway) and Phil Taylor (Northfield) all could have been somewhere else. WEN have done well to get people out and the councillors welcomed the chance to hear what they had to say. WEN has in the past suggested that the Ealing area committee system should be revised to recognise West Ealing. WEN proved tonight that they don’t need endorsement from the council. They are their own special creation!

2 replies on “West Ealing Neighbours have a good night”

Phil it was great to see you and all the other Councillors at this meeting. Residents and local businesses need a public forum in which they can have their say. If it’s residents’ groups like WEN who facilitate this then so be it. As I said last night at the meeting, groups like WEN, particularly in mature, urban conurbations are ‘the future’ and Councillors and Council Managers who choose to ignore these expanding groups do so at their peril.


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