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Alchemy reformed?

Alchemy Partners making amendsOn 12th April (see previous posting) I had a go at Alchemy Partners for messing up our neighbourhood. After a couple of e-mails to the boss I have got a response from the company secretary of their pub group. Hopefully Bar 38 won’t be messing up Ealing, Hounslow and Hammersmith & Fulham any more.

Dear Mr Taylor

Your emails addressed to Jon Moulton at Alchemy Partners have been passed to this office.

After an incident in February, the promoter responsible for the fly-posters was reprimanded. As a result of the recent incident his services have been terminated.

Staff at Bar 38, operational management and senior head office staff are fully aware that this kind of activity is not acceptable.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Green
Company Secretary
TCG Acquisitions Ltd

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[…] Over the last couple of days I have noticed 50 or so green and white posters appearing on lamposts between here and Hammersmith. They are promoting a club night at Bar 38 in Hammersmith this Friday. I had hoped that this had stopped after the pub chain’s company secretary, Andrew Green, wrote to say that he had put an end to this, see previous posting. […]



Don’t think I have voiced a public opinion about FCUK – it would be very positive.

This is not a police state as you well know but it is legitimate to ask people not to mess the place up.


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