Ealing and Northfield

£134K for 3 Northfield Roads

At Tuesday’s council meeting it was announced that the council would increase spending on road and pavement resurfacing from £1.5 million last year to £3.5 million this year. Today the council leader Jason Stacey is expanding on that announcement in his weekly column on the council’s website. He lists the roads affected.

This will impact Northfield as follows:

  • Earlsmere Gardens £33.9K
  • Mayfield Avenue from Midhurst Road to Northcroft Road £27.6K
  • Midhurst Road £72.9K

Residents will be aware of other roads that need treatment but will probably agree these are the worst in the ward. There is very little new paving in the ward after 12 years of Labour neglect. In their last year Labour only spent £1 million in the whole borough. The Tories increased this by 50% last year and have now added a one off £2 million.

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