Ealing envirocrime

Ealing in the Telegraph

Today the Telegraph has gone big on rubbish with a front page headline, a comment piece from Charles Glover and the whole of page 4 devoted to two-weekly collections and other bin stuff. They point out that Gordon Brown’s landfill tax went up from £21 to £24 this month and that it will go up £8 per tonne every year for the next three years. This might be defensible as a green measure but the rate of change is likely to have very damaging consequences for local authorities. It is yet another way that Gordon Brown is burdening local council tax payers to keep cash at the centre to fund his own priorities.

Gordon Brown's landfill stealth tax

You can see from the graph what damage this is going to do to local government finance. On a slightly geeky note I do wish journalists would learn the difference between a metric Tonne and an Imperial ton. I guess they all do English and skimp on their maths and physics.

Ealing gets a small piece of its own. The slightly dubious headline is “Cameras ‘could spy on your waste'”. I guess “Cameras ‘could spy on your waste but will in fact be used to catch people making a mess of the place'” doesn’t have the same ring. The actual article is very accurate and ends with:

Ealing has decided not to move to fortnightly collections after consulting residents.

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