Ealing and Northfield

It ain’t going to happen here

The Telegraph is reporting this morning that something like 9 million people in the UK have lost their weekly bin collections.

The Tories finally managed to get the government to admit how many English councils, 144, had stopped their weekly collections over the Easter parliamentary recess in a written answer (follow link and scroll down). It appears that Harrow is the only London council that has taken this path.

I can’t believe that this makes sense in a densely packed urban area, or anywhere else for that matter. We are safe from this stupid idea in Ealing. Council leader Jason Stacey announced back in February (see press release) that we would not go down this route following the initial waste consultation:

It is essential that when you run consultations that you listen to what people tell you. As a result, I am happy to confirm here that there will be no move to a fortnightly collection and we will add plastics to our household recycling service later in the year.


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