Ealing envirocrime

Rowan’s at it again

Yesterday I was in Southall doing a bit of research. I came across evidence that Rowan’s, a licensed business near Kew Bridge in the borough of Hounslow, were at their old fly-posting tricks again. I saw one poster at the end of Southbridge Way, one at the end of St Joseph’s Drive and four on the junction of the Uxbridge Road and South Road.

Rowan's fly-posting again

I wrote about these people back in October. Then it was 18 yellow paper posters that identified their two-bit business. This time they have gone anonymous. A quick call to the number given and a woman told me that she represented Rowan’s and that she would have a word with their marketing agency, AK Marketing. What a load of rubbish.

I took down 18 of their signs last time and delivered them to their premises along with a friendly warning to lay off. This time I have asked Ealing envirocrime enforcement to go after them with Penalty Charge Notices and Hounslow licensing to review their licence on the grounds that they are causing a public nuisance.

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