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Fly-posting DJs messing up west London

Hammersmith Palais being anti-social

I have been working with our envirocrime team and their equivalent in Hammersmith and Fulham to try to reign in the people who are messing up our streets with plastic sign boards tie-wrapped to lamposts. I have personally visited Bar 38 in Hammersmith twice in February to berate them about their signs but for the last three Fridays the running has been taken up by the Hammersmith Palais. Their posters appeared at the junction of South Ealing Road and Little Ealing Lane today and at just about every junction down South Ealing Road and back down the A4 into Hammersmith. I must have seen at least 50 of them during my drive to work and this is only a small sample of the total.

The picture above shows three posters at the junction of Bond Street and the Broadway, taken by Ricky Wright our envirocrime protection officer for Northfield. Two fixed penalty notice were issued by Ricky today to both the venue and the promoter of their club night. I have to say though that £50 penalties are not going to change this behaviour.

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I recall that one council (Camden I think) started issuing ASBOs against the fly posting companies and, more significantly, the recording companies which produced the products that were being promoted. In all cases named senior managers were targeted. They claimed the policy worked and neighbouring Islington seemed to agree, as the problem was dispersed across the border to their borough!


Maybe there doing it to get people to come to their venue and help feed theirs and others kids. Instead of worrying yourself about something that doesn’t really effect you at all you could use that energy for something worthwhile maybe :/


hey phil….life is hard…and not all of us have big money for billboards…you must see it from a flyposters point of view…they are trying to do better business…they are not robbing people….or raping….or being violent ……they are actually very productive people…trying to make a break in these hard times…..leave em be…some of us dont like being wage slaves…and so chance it on our own….so we bend a few rules here and there…we take risks that people like you would probably never take… the hope that one day we can afford the billboards …….noone gets hurt…and london is full of litter and junk anyway….spend your valuable time hunting down rapists thieves and drug dealers….(the government…and the banks are far worse than us)…they are the thieves, the rapists, and the drug dealers….thieves…all the major banks…rapists…the govt….drug dealers…the pharmaceutical companies…. rather than innocent people trying to make a living….at least we work HARD for our money……your just a glorified traffic warden….i hope you get a ticket…then you will understand what you are doing to the flyposters….just hasstling and harassing us.


I don’t want to start an argument but for alot of people doing this its probably because they have no option but to do something themselves. So for many you are literally shutting them down and you’ll end up with proper crime which is much worse than a bit of paper and as ‘just thinking’ says many are dreaming of being able to afford an actual billboard one day!!!


Flyposting blights areas and makes them unpleasant for residents and visitors and appear downtrodden. H&F Council seems to have cut down on it by being proactive in tackling flyposters and removing flyposting within a day or two of them being reported, or of their own accord, and I think K&C does the same. To people saying “it doesn’t affect you”, it does, just like graffiti etc does. Existing in clean, green areas improves quality of life whereas having flyposting left up discourages people to show respect for an area and regularly leads to more of the same.

On a side note it’s quite a coincidence that I’ve stumbled upon this page from 2007 just a couple of weeks after a flurry of comments seem to have appeared on the article.


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