Ealing and Northfield

Pitzhanger Manor is a lovely venue

On Monday the new Conservative association for Ealing Central and Acton had a knees up at Pitzhanger Manor. It was all a bit posh with champagne and black tie but was good fun all the same. Ben Moore-Bridger from Ealing Times covered the event and wrote a nice piece about it. The new candidate, Angie Bray, came across really well and everyone enjoyed Shadow Chancellor George Osborne’s speech to the troops.

Georgian Eating RoomThe setting was wonderful – the Georgian Eating Room at Pitzhanger Manor. The picture left is a bit small and taken with a fish eye lens (I nicked it from the Ealing council site). The picture does not convey how pretty the room is. It manages to be both grand but welcoming at the same time.

A great place for a party. Anyone can hire it. Follow link for more info.

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