Ealing and Northfield

Sorting out Labour’s legacy will take some time

Tonight I was reviewing the written questions laid by councillors at the last full council meeting on 23rd January while my wife watched Desperate Housewives.

Maybe we should have fixed it five years agoI could not quite believe question 14 from Labour councillor Tej Ram Bagha:

To ask the Portfolio Holder what plans there are to repair the Southall Town Hall clock, which has been broken for five years.

Sorry Councillor Bagha but we have only been in power since May, following on from 12 years of Labour misrule, so we have not had the chance to put everything right yet. No doubt we will get round to fixing Southall Town Hall’s clock but it is a shame that the last Labour administration did not get round to it. Doh! By my reckoning you are entitled to question our record on this matter in January 2011.

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