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Yesterday I got a notice about the next Ealing Community & Police Consultative Group meeting on 6th February at 7.30pm in the Queen’s Room at Ealing Town Hall. These meetings are a great opportunity for the public to meet the Borough Commander and other senior police officers, hear about local crime stats and make sure that local views are fed into the police’s priorities locally. Only 6 people turned up to the last meeting which seems like a missed opportunity. I have been harassing chairman Charles Gallichan to publicise the meetings better and maybe to get some help from the council to set up a website. If you are free that night come along and get involved.

Ealing Borough Commander Collette PaulI raised the issue of public access to policing information with Collette Paul, the Borough Commander, at the Ealing Area Committee meeting on 15th November. She said that the council and the police are discussing improving web access to information on policing, especially with reference to statistics. I have seen nothing from the police or EC&PCG since then.

On the 15th November Paul did mention that crime stats are available on the Met’s website. They are and they are pretty good. Follow the link. You can even get ward-by-ward stats. Comparing this calendar year with last overall crime is down 1.5% at 36,591 crimes. Unfortunately this number includes 9 murders, 84 rapes and roughly 10,000 robberies and other acts of violence.

4 replies on “Police stats”

I’m amazed. I had no idea there would be so much crime.

I always thought Ealing was a nice place, although I did have a knife pulled on me in on the Broadway as a teenager.


I’m not excusing the overall level of crime, which is too high, but don’t forget that Ealing is one of London’s most populous boroughs with something like 301,900 people. Only Barnet, Bromley and Croydon are bigger.


You may find the Community & Police Consultative Group meetings better attended if Ealing were to advertise them. I’ve just spent 15 mins trying to find the date of the next meeting on Ealing’s website to no avail!


I couldn`t find any mention of these meetings on Ealing Police or Ealing Council websites. Are there any published dates or minutes of previous meetings?


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