Road pricing

Road pricing petition heads for half million mark

The Telegraph is covering this again today as the total heads for 500,000. At 11:37am the tally stood at 477,738.

Peter Roberts’ petition to scrap plans to introduce road pricing reads as follows:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Scrap the planned vehicle tracking and road pricing policy.

Get clicking and signing if you want to stop paying another tax and having your movements traced by the state.

10 replies on “Road pricing petition heads for half million mark”

The number of participants could, in fact, be much higher since it would seem that the Referendum site is monitored on email address. My wife and I share, as with everything the same email address. Our names, therefore, have not been included. This is yet another botch by HMG IT manipulators. Our identities can be established from our post code address and the electoral register, our national health number, income tax reference, driving lisence, passport………. – so why take the easy option of just monitoring email addresses as the criteria. What leadership and intellect!


I’m all for having an NEW and independant ‘Concensus Party’ which would adopt views gained from mass voting, where BOTH sides of a proposal are offered to be voted on, and then we would not need to vote for one party who (say) had 2 good points but four bad ones. The revenue would pay for the party’s upkeep and communication costs.
I also thought Kilroy-Silk was heading that way had he been given the chance.


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