Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor gets his retaliation in early

I want my Air MilesLivingstone must be worried as he has issued a pre-emptive press release about this morning’s GLA session.

The Assembly Members are quizzing various members of Livingstone’s staff involved in the Mayor’s foreign travel. No doubt they will be questioning the costs involved and pointing out how little has been achieved.

You know he is getting desperate when he starts taking quotes out of local papers that are three years old:

… why should the people of north London suffer in order to attract hundreds of foreign students?

Brian Coleman, Barnet and Potters Bar Times, 8 April 2004

His press release goes big on a trip to New York and plans to visit India. Fair enough. It does not mention him wasting his time in Cuba and Venezuela. It does not mention him hanging out with the Chinese but being uncharacteristically silent about their human rights abuses.

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