Road pricing

Road pricing petition pushes through 250,000 level

I hope you don’t mind me harping on about this story but this morning’s tally stands at 284,593. As you can see from the graph below the rate of increase is looking exponential rather than arithmetic. Obviously that can’t go on for too long because you probably run out of people with PC/internet skills and opinions/motivation at some point.


The momentum has been kept up by the Telegraph which covered it on its front page yesterday and also had a leader on it.

Back in June 2005, Roger Bootle, a well known economist, entered the debate today with an article in the business section of the Telegraph. He is pro road pricing. He does not seem to understand that much of any income from road pricing will be wasted in costs, just like the London CC which has consumed pretty much all of its income in costs. He also fondly imagines that a future Labour government would return any surplus cash to us in lower income taxes. Get real Rog!

Will Self writing in the Standard last night also comes out in favour of road pricing. He shows his ignorance when he tries his “Oim a Londoner me” act:

As Londoners we can afford to be a little blase about all this: we’ve had a road-pricing scheme for nearly four years, and haven’t ended up in an automotive Guantanamo Bay.

Clearly Self doesn’t know the Mayor has taken £1 billion off Londoners and wasted it all.

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