Road pricing

Road pricing campaigner chips in

Peter Roberts, whose road pricing petition I have been tracking lately, commented on an earlier posting today. I thought I would repeat his comments here to give them due prominence:

It has over 300,000 now and will go over the 500,000 next week.

Surely it is time the government realised the strength of feeling here. This is as much about the government’s attitude to population control and waste as roads. Whoever would have thought ten years ago we would have to fight a government who were determined to track our movements and use vast sums of our money to do so.

We already have a perfectly good form of road usage tax in the fuel duty. It rewards those who choose economical, low emission cars and penalises those who drive large thirsty vehicles. It also costs very little to administer.

The scheme proposed by the government will cost billions to introduce and administer, and for what? People do not sit on congested roads because they enjoy it, they do so because they have little option. Charging them £1.34 a mile is just not right. Of course, the government do get the added advantage of being able to track every move you make. George Orwell was about 25 years early.

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