Sunday service

SNT banner from Met site.jpgThe Safer Neighbourhood Team we have is not meant to be a 24-hour service. It is meant to be a local, pro-active team that chases down local issues and nails them. But my colleague Councillor David Millican was pleased to get a response today from Cliff Elam, our SNT sergeant, when he e-mailed a report of graffiti in the area to Ealing Customer Services and copied it to Cliff for information. Cliff e-mailed straight back on a Sunday evening to say that one of the offences had been caught on CCTV at 02:35am and the culprit had been identified.

There has been a bit of an upsurge in graffiti over the holiday period. The combination of contractors being on holiday and maybe too many lads having time on their hands at the same time has caused a bit of a peak. These lads need to know that they will get their collars felt.

If you want to understand better what the Safer Neighbourhood Team is all about you might think about attending the next focus meeting at 7.30pm in room upstairs at the Harvester on Boston Manor Road on 13th February.

Call Sgt Elam on 07879 888989 if you have any local crime issues or if you would like to attend the next focus meeting.

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