Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Mayor needs to explain missing cash

I have written to the Mayor today to ask him to explain a discrepancy between what he has told me and his reply to a question by Andrew Pelling, AM. The Mayor wrote to me at the end of October to say that the £10K he had bid for a trip to the Winter Olympics for two at a Variety Club do on 12th September had been made “on behalf of my charity account in the GLA budget”, see previous posting. This does not accord with a reply to a question asked by Andrew Pelling in time for the last Mayor’s Question Time on 15th November. The reply states that only £5,000 was given to the Variety Club.

According to the answer the Mayor’s charity account currently only has a balance of £1,257.37. Could it be that the Mayor cannot pay the second half of this bill out of the charity account because there is not enough money in it? Perhaps if he is going to swank around at big charity balls he might spend his own money. Mr Mayor are you prepared to pay up?

The Mayor promised to offer these tickets to Londoners through a prize draw in the Londoner not so freesheet. Three months have gone by since the ball on 12th September and still no sign of the draw in the December issue of the Londoner.

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