High tax, low pay

Mail on Sunday gives insight into Labour rising star’s mind

David Milliband is one of New Labour’s rising stars. The insight you get from the leaked memo published by the Mail on Sunday today shows how ruthless these people are.

I believe the time has come to consider a more sophisticated approach – a mechanism that allows fuel duty to offset significant drops in oil prices would maintain pressure on the cost of motoring without individual announcements on fuel duty needing to be made.

To put this in plain English: “Hey Gordon, I have a wizard wheeze for a new stealth tax. Instead of making public announcements about fuel duty let’s simply increase it quietly when the price of oil goes down. That way no-one will notice. We can take more and more from people without them noticing. When the oil price goes up petrol prices will go up and we can blame it on the oil price. When oil prices come down we will increase the tax take and no-one will notice. I am a genius potential future chancellor, made in your own mould, please give me a job.”

The full article outlines how the Government might take £1,000 per household off us in the name of greening our country without saying how anything might be given back. It is breathtaking. Think of our RAF lady from Thursday. More tax for rubbish. Less cash for her.

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