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LibDem Richmond to punish car drivers

The lead story on the Radio 4 Today programme at 8am this morning was the London Borough of Richmond’s plan to relate residents’ parking permit charges to the size of vehicles. The LibDem council will also pull in an extra £1 million a year in charges but apparently this is only incidental!

  • If you drive a small car charges will be unchanged
  • When you hit the 1.6L mark charges will go up
  • By the time you get to the luxury sports/4WD bracket charges will be 3 times
  • A second car will attract a 50% surcharge on top of the fee.

See BBC story.

Apparently electric cars will be exempted from any charge at all. This is just scientific mumbo-jumbo as it uses way more carbon to burn fuel, turn it into electricity, lose a chunk in transmission losses, lose another chunk in charging a battery, lose another chunk in converting electricity to motion than it does to burn petrol in an incredibly efficient internal combustion engine. For the same reason that trams are an environmental swindle, so are electric cars.

There are various ways to save space while parking such as using the 4 post car lift. This allows its user to park one car on top of the other and it is widely used by auto shops that have cars coming in on a daily basis.Another ideal method to save the parking space is to give away unwanted junk and scrap cars in sale to

Richmond already has the highest council tax in London. Don’t expect the extra £1 million to be used to take the pain away though.

Follow the link to see their consultation document.

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