Ex-Mayor Livingstone Tram

Last word on the tram for now

In a leader tonight the Evening Standard summed it up nicely:

“In the context of what a scheme like the Thameslink expansion could achieve for commuters, the Mayor’s persistence with his pet scheme for a tram in west London looks increasingly inexplicable. The tram would displace traffic onto residential roads and a majority of those living locally object to the plan – following the election of three councils on a platform of opposition to the scheme. This is no way to go about improving public transport.”

You could say the same thing about Crossrail as well.

See Ealing Times coverage.

One reply on “Last word on the tram for now”

A key feature in the report published by TfL into the Tram is the overwhelming majority of people who held the view that it would not improve transport in the area- a key desire on the part of the Mayor. 41% ‘strongly agreed’ with the statement, “I am not convinced it will improve transport in the area”, against 15% who strongly disagreed. p.19

So it is not just unpopular because of any prejudices about trams in general or any personal dislike of the Mayor (although that’s a big factor for a few people) , people just didn’t buy the TfL line that it was good for them. Local people can decide what’s good for them, it should never be dictated to them.


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