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More Labour mischief

Dan WhittleThis is another story that is critical of one of our local newspapers, the Ealing Times again. Today on their website and also in the paper with a picture of three of the villains of the piece they cover Labour’s Olympic petition campaign. Times journalist Benedict Moore Bridger has failed to tell us the whole story. He quotes Dan Whittle and refers to him as the petition organiser. He does not mention that Whittle is full time assistant to Anne Snelgove, Labour MP for South Swindon. He was Labour PPC for Wells at the last election. In a previous article he was referred to as political education officer for Central Ealing and Acton Labour Party.

Today’s article features a picture taken on 14th September (more old news from the Times) of a Labour minister, Labour MP and Labour activist. The article quotes Ealing Labour leader Sonika Nirwal. The previous article quoted Sian Vasey, director of Ealing Centre for Independent Living. What the article does not say was that she stood as a Labour candidate at the local elections in May.

Make no mistake. Anything you hear about an Olympics petition will be coming straight out of the Labour party and anyone signing this is either naive or a fully paid-up Labour member.

Ealing’s Conservative council is taking the Olympics seriously. Labour is lining up another empty campaign to try to distract us from delivering real benefits to the people of Ealing. Remember that whilst they huff and puff about another second order issue their councillors are managing a 50% attendance rate at the Health, Housing and Adult Social Services Panel against the Tories 100%.

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