Ex-Mayor Livingstone

Questions for the London Mayor

Mayors Question Time.jpgIn the spirit of public participation AM Roger Evans is asking on his blog for the public to forward him ideas for questions to ask the London Mayor.

My suggestions to Roger are:

Building on the answers from the Mayor about TfL’s £78 million comms spending and its breakdown I would like to have a complete breakdown of all comms spending across the GLA and all the GLA family including LSCP, the Olympic bodies and so-called “programme budgets” within the LDA and the GLA itself for 2005/6 and budgets for 2006/7. This should include anything that has a London or London Mayor logo on it. The LDA for instance pay their £500K contribution to the Londoner from programme budgets not overheads. I suspect there are other bodies buried in the programme budgets.

Another question I might ask the LDA is to categorise their programme budgets as follows for last year and the budgets for the current year:

  • hardcore economic development spending
  • bread and circuses (eg Tate extension, Londoner, etc).

One reply on “Questions for the London Mayor”

Thank you for the suggestion. I’m sure we could write a book on this one – as it is, digging up the bodies will take some time, particularly as the LDA classes all its activities as ‘commercial in confidence’. Will make a start in October….

Were you at conference this year. My week was ruined by being dumped in the worst hotel room I have ever experienced, and that’s up against some pretty stiff competition from previous conferences. It was too much and I returned early.

Can we start a campaign to go somewhere civilised, with decent hotels and facilities next year – Manchester would be my choice, but even Birmingham would be an improvement….


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